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Your Whole Health Living

I see you holistically: mind, body, emotion, and spirit. As your health coach, I work with you to build healthy, sustainable habits for long term wellness and health. Built on a bio-individual, contemporary, evidence based practice, I guide you through finding the personal habits that work best for you. The focus is on healing and preventing the root cause of unhealthy habits. I offer you a nurse approved, individualized program that promotes health and wellness with an emphasis on prevention, self care and minimizing aging effects.

I have created the Six Essentials of Your Whole Health Living to help you establish these habits. They are:

Nourish yourself through mindful eating that fuels your body.

Move your body in ways that you enjoy.

Pause to declutter your mind and improve your focus.

Balance your time in a meaningful way to add enjoyment and years to your life.

Connect and develop a relationship with yourself and others.

Sleep to get a profound benefit for your health.

My Approach

We will begin right where you are. Maybe you know the missing pieces in your health puzzle or what you want to work on. Maybe you just know something needs to change.


We’ll take a deep dive to get a full picture of your health story and challenges. And together we’ll co-create a Wellness Plan to guide you towards your healthiest life in this moment. I will offer my vetted resources and guidance as necessary. We’ll use effective tools such as mindfulness and body awareness practices to support you in creating authentic health and well-being. Working together over a period of time overs the benefit of moving through the inevitable challenges that get in the way of creating new habits and reclaiming your well-being. I follow a holistic nursing process as a guide through our work together. It is non-linear and cyclical, just like us.


Assess and Clarify - what’s working? What’s not? What do you really want and need?


Co-create a plan - sacred self-care practices, action over perfection, explore limiting beliefs


Accountability and action - overcoming obstacles to change, moving through fears, boundaries, acceptance

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My Approach
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