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Self-care means taking action to preserve or improve your own health in the face of difficulty as well as in times of calm.


Why Work with a Health Coach?


Life is exhausting! When we’re busy living the daily grind, we may find ourselves neglecting our own personal needs and lose our peace of mind.


There’s a huge need to get back to health and wellness as our lives, routines, and health habits are constantly disrupted. We all struggle in some way to regain the balance we so desire and require to be our whole, healthy self.


Self-healing is a process and it starts with learning how to take care of yourself. Nurse Sue will help you strengthen your body, deepen your sleep, and ease your troubled mind as you incorporate small tweaks that bring big rewards. It’s never too early or too late to start turning your life into a more enjoyable and meaningful experience, for a lifetime.

Your Whole Health Living will help you learn who you are and figure out what you want in life through self-reflection, exploration, and experimentation.


The Journey to Your Whole Health Living Starts Here

One-on-one Coaching

As my client, you will learn ways to help yourself achieve a healthier eating plan and lifestyle. You will identify priorities and set personalized goals to meet. I will guide you through your self-discovery and support you in meeting your goals.


This personalized approach is based on the concept that there is no one way to eat and live life. Through learning and experimentation, you will find the habits that support your individual needs, known as bio-identity.


An important element to success is that as your Health Coach, I will hold you accountable for your actions. You will be empowered to make long-lasting changes that bring sustainable results.

Group Programs

Your Whole Health Living group health coaching program is for those individuals who want transformative coaching and connections with other people.


It’s a chance to fine tune your life with a little help from friends.


In this program you’ll learn the principles of self-care and how to manifest your greatest dreams and desires into reality through your actions.

Your health coaching program will include the following:



Two 60-minute appointments each month, which will include a discussion of your health goals, progress, and recommendations.


Text and email support messages.


A variety of handouts and recipes, book recommendations, and other health tools and materials.


Education and information provided in a newsletter and blog.


Discover your healthiest, happiest life!

Sue helped me explore what was holding me back in having a healthy lifestyle.

She didn’t offer a cookie-cutter method of self-improvement but rather helped me discover what lifestyle changes would work for me.

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